Protect yourself and your loved ones

An effective way to protect yourself from a viral pandemic is to be responsible and wear a face mask.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

An effective way to protect yourself from a viral pandemic is to be responsible and wear a face mask.
100% bavlna
Jednoduché uchytenie
Detská veľkosť
100% cotton
Easy attachment
Children’s size

Protective face mask

Protective two-layer cotton face mask made of white, densely woven 100% cotton, sized for adults or children.
The advantage of cotton face mask is the possibility of multiple use after washing. Allows comfortable breathing throughout the day. The face mask is effectively disinfected by washing at 60 ° C and ironing.

from 1,68  / pc

Wash and iron the face mask before first use.
It is not intended for a sterile environment and is not a respirator.
Given the current situation, the payment must be made upfront.
Face masks are manufactured continuously. For availability please contact our dealers at


What to do with used masks or respirators?

  • Použité rúška či respirátory treba dať do plastovej tašky, vreca, …. a pevne uzavrieť.

  • Used masks or respirators should be placed in a plastic bag or a bag and close tightly.

  • The plastic bag or the bag should be disposed of in the unsorted municipal waste.

  • Used masks or respirators do not belong nor classified as recycled waste and do not belong to sorted waste.

Is it just a cotton face mask enough to protect against viruses?

The virus is transmitted by contact with particles that enter the air when the infected individual coughs or sneezes. At that time, a veil can significantly reduce the risk of transmission. The same is true when someone touches an infected person or object with a virus and then touches the mouth, nose or eyes. Cotton face masks do not completely protect against viruses, but are a good basic measure. While a filter respirator prevents the virus from entering your respiratory tract, a disposable or cloth mask protects your surroundings in particular. Viruses do not reach the surfaces from the mouth and do not spread further.

How often do I need to change my face mask?

Cloth face masks are reusable. Be sure to disinfect it after every wear. It is ideal to boil, iron or wash it at a high temperature.

How many masks can I order at once?

As much as you need. We do not limit the quantity, however, in case of larger orders, it is necessary to inquire about the delivery date at our sales department at

Where can I find out more information about the current situation regarding COVID-19?

Important and verified information on COVID-19 can also be found at Here you can find necessary recommendations, symptoms of the disease and other necessary information.

I want a face mask


Face masks made

We produce more than 13,000 face masks a day and continuously increase our capacity. If you are interested in ordering larger quantities of drapes, please contact us directly at

Thank you for being responsible

It is also thanks to you that we can slow down the spread of the virus in this critical times.
Since 1991 we have followed values such as quality, responsibility, freedom and respect for craft. Compliance with the ethical and moral code and professional approach have made the company a reliable partner in the field of upholstered furniture and metalworking. In the current situation, we, like other companies, have had to adapt, so we are trying to provide enough protection, responding to a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
Their seats are sold mainly in Benelux, France, Switzerland and Denmark. For nearly two weeks, however, the family furniture company Krošlák from Nitrianska Blatnica has been sewing only protective masks.
You may have caught it on the radio last week, playing songs on demand during the day: “Here are the carpenters from Nitrianska Blatnica. We’re ironing and folding face masks. That’s what we need now, so we do it, ”came the air..

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